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Thinking Differently and Future Trends in Healthcare

This page links you to the wealth of resources and data from The Kings Fund Time to Think Differently programme of work.

It is time to think differently about health and social care. Although good progress has been made in improving NHS performance in the past decade, the health and social care system faces unprecedented funding pressures and significant future challenges. Fundamental change is needed to respond to the needs of an ageing population, the changing burden of disease and rising patient expectations.

Time to Think Differently is a programme of work from The King's Fund aimed at stimulating debate about the changes needed for the NHS and social care to meet the challenges of the future. By engaging others and promoting discussion, we hope to generate new thinking about innovative ways of delivering high-quality care and support health and social care leaders in their decision-making.Future trends. Here is our comprehensive analysis of the trends that will influence the way health and social care is delivered in future. Our aim is to ensure that our Time to Think Differently programme is rooted in a clear understanding of the issues that will drive change. We also hope that this will be a useful resource for those thinking about service change. For more on the significant trends and drivers that we believe will affect health and social care services over the next 20 years, read our future trends overview and view our future trends timeline. Please read our disclaimer about our trends work.  

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