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The Director Programme

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The Director Programme is a year-long programme which includes a seven-day residential programme delivered in two parts over the course of three to four months. It is focused on developing the capacity of participants to adapt, enhance and broaden their own leadership styles and behaviours. Participants are provided with expert input and thought-provoking and stimulating experiences in both large and small groups. The programme will continually focus on the changes people are leading in their workplace, their own responsibilities and influencing capacity around that change.

It is important that we are responsive to the needs of our senior leaders and we continue to refine and adjust the design after each cohort following participant feedback. Towards the end of the 1st residential, we design a bespoke intervention for each particular cohort which is dependent on the themes that have emerged over the first three days.
The second residential will be in your impact group (groups of 8) with your faculty lead and it will be a deliberative experience.

The deliberative structure enables participants to get optimal data in a short time on what it’s like to be on the receiving end of each other. So it is the part of the programme where participants go down and in to their needed learning to expand self- awareness, self- knowledge and so to diagnose what changes of style and behaviours would enhance their leadership, their empathy, their relational skills and increase their personal impact and presence. We will source and fund a venue for you; these are often in cottage type properties where you will live together for those 3 days. It’s is a model that we have used on other programmes successfully including our current cross systems Intersect Programme.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Director Programme includes all those who have operated at a director level for two years or more. You can read more about the criteria via our website.

We will continue to review this and adjust according to changes and need within the system.

Being a part of the Director Programme gives you access to our comprehensive core offer, which includes:

  • 4 day residential in Leeds
  • 3 day deliberative in impact groups
  • 4 funded impact group days
  • Online learning

FAQs can be found here

How to apply

For full details of the The Directors Programme (formerly Top Leaders) including dates, costs and the application process visit the NHS Leadership Academy website.

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