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A unique opportunity for senior leaders to solve problems, accelerate solutions, build relationships and leadership capacity whilst working beyond organisational boundaries. The programme will help you rethink traditional ways of working to address strategic system issues and collaborate more effectively to deliver high quality care for patients and the population we serve. 

Leading Edge Global Thinking - immerse yourself in a programme that will enable you to redefine your role as a leader to deliver the transformational change that is required for future local integrated health and social care.

We are looking for a diverse range of applicants who want to engage in this opportunity, either:

  • As a collective approach - a number of multi-disciplinary senior clinical leaders, senior managers and executive directors drawn together from neighbouring organisations and different sectors or from within an organisation to work on a transformation priority issue.
  • Or, as an individual approach - senior clinical and executive leaders working in health and social care or other sectors who are looking to develop their strategic approach to system wide issues.

Our aim is to change thinking from local to global, explore and look for solutions to healthcare problems outside of the ‘system’ and broaden perspectives. It is supported by top academics from Yale who bring a global understanding to contextualise leadership development. It won’t always be comfortable but it will be facilitative and will deepen your knowledge, understanding and insight as a leader.  Our unique programme offers two 6 day modules, with eight months in-between to apply your learning and culminating in a certificate of completion from Yale University.

How to apply

Applications close on 5 September. Please see the downloadable flyer and application form for further information.   

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