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Patient Leadership

We have an upcoming workshop which is taking place on Thursday 23rd November 2017.
The workshop is entitled 'Exploring, Discovering and Developing Patient Leadership'

The following are aims and objectives that we hope to meet during the workshop:

  • To bring together the community who work in patient engagement and support them in working together.
  • Showcasing and bringing the work of great patient leaders to life.
  • Develop and or utilise existing opportunities to ensure staff are engaged in patient leadership and the opportunities it may offer their organisations and systems.
  • Use of patients as key stakeholders in development of local leadership development interventions.

Further information on this workshop will given at a later date.

In the meantime, please feel free to click on the links below which are closely linked to the patient leaderships objectives already stated.

NHS Citizen

Diverse and Inclusive Participation: A Bitesize Guide

Leadership Development as a Patient Leader by Gordon Cairns, Patient Leader


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