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The Health Education East of England Leadership Board oversees the EoE Leadership Development and OD work plan and delivery performance. Part of that plan includes delivery of the NHS Leadership Academy service level agreement.  The Board assures financial and activity delivery, outcomes, and good governance within the Health Education East of England governance structure.

The purpose of Leadership Board is to provide strategic leadership for our ambition for leadership development and to provide strategic advice on leadership development to the HEEoE Board. Workforce Partnership Leadership Lead CEOs from across the east of England form the Leadership Board and are responsible for identifying strategic priorities across the east of England. 

Each of our 4 Workforce Partnerships has a Leadership sub-group, chaired by a Director of Workforce and Organisational Development who is also a member of the Leadership Board. These groups ensure local engagement, set local priorities for development interventions and collectively influence the east of England leadership strategy through HEEoE and the NHS Leadership Academy structures.

Board Terms of Reference

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