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Interventions, options and opportunities 

ImageIt should not be underestimated how huge the challenge of integrated health and social care is, nor the opportunities that it brings. Through the development and implementation of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, local systems will be driven towards more collaborative, diverse, inclusive, outcome focused approaches whilst maintaining quality, compassion, financial balance and effective individual performance. Such is the nature of the transformation ahead of us; it is naïve to believe that any one organisation will achieve it without the help and support of others and achieving such ambitions will demand a different kind of leadership than that established and required to run single organisations.

This brochure describes a way of understanding 'Systems Leadership'. It aims to be the starting point of a conversation between those charged with bringing the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) into reality via the implementation of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and the Local Leadership Academy who can support developing the capacity and capability of leaders needing to work across organisational boundaries in a complex and ever changing environment.



Our Connecting Leaders, Enabling System Transformation - Leadership Programmes Alumni Event was held in March 2017. The event was designed as a mix of plenary and small group activities, with two guest speakers:

>> Debbie Sorkin , Director of Systems Leadership, The Leadership Centre, ran a session on Understanding System Leadership

>> Caroline Dollery, Chair of Mid Essex CCG talked about Sustainability and Transformation Plans. 

Artist Graham Ogilvie was present throughout, capturing participants’ thoughts and translating them into imagery, shown on the wall and shared with participants electronically afterwards.  

If you would like to watch Debbie's Sorkin session and access Graham's pictures please visit our events page.

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