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NHS Leadership Academy Executive Search

ImageThe NHS Leadership Academy have launched the new NHS Executive Search website. The service was established in 2012 as a support provision that provides comprehensive, high calibre board executive search service for NHS organisations. The Executive Search team are an integral part of the NHS Leadership Academy and so far have supported around 50 successful board appointments. The Executive Search provides a service which incorporates:


  • Detailed, high-quality support and insight through the selection and appointment process;
  • Objective and independent challenge and scrutiny throughout the process;
  • High levels of professionalism and discretion;
  • Aims, values and behaviours entirely consistent with those of the organisations and candidates – our NHS colleagues – that we support
  • A comprehensive search across and access to a pre-screened and pre-qualified pool of non-NHS senior leaders with a declared interest in joining the NHS

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Download the NHS Leadership Academy Executive Search 2014 Infographic

NHS Executive Search Board Recruitment Survey