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NHS Leadership Academy Executive Search

Established in 2012, the Executive Search team offer a comprehensive, high calibre board appointment service to NHS organisations. They are part of the NHS Leadership Academy, and deliberately positioned at the heart of national level talent management and leadership development activity in the NHS.  This means that they have visibility of and access to the NHS’s senior leadership community.

  • They are an integral part of the NHS Leadership Academy and so far have supported around 50 successful board appointments, while saving the taxpayer £1M.
  • They combine our inside knowledge of the NHS and our commercial experience to find and appoint the right candidates to the right roles
  • They share your values and our aims and objectives are aligned with your own
  • They have access to national level talent and work at the heart of the senior leadership development activity in the NHS, we are connected to the current and future leaders across the system;
  • They understand the wider system and the issues you face – we are often part of the effort that is being made to deliver the solutions;
  • They work in partnership with you and take the time to understand and support your needs;
  • They deliver outcomes of the highest quality. 


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Read about their current projects here. 

Learn more about their past success in their published case studies here. 


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