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CSLE - Leading into the Future 2016


Collaborating through Complexity is a three-day programme that provides participants from across the public sector and voluntary agencies the opportunity to explore and understand the issues and interdependent problems facing vulnerable people and communities, such as mental health inequalities, poverty and crime.  Forms of collaboration and partnership working have increased as a way of delivering better services to the public, driven by the austerity agenda and increasingly complex issues for citizens and communities. Collaborative ways of working need to accelerate as leaders are required to work across public service boundaries to deliver better services to the public.

During the programme you will hear from experienced and challenging speakers on the issues facing leaders required to work collaboratively to resolve complex and wicked problems in an inherently political environment. You will explore how these societal challenges and wicked problems require a mind-set shift, and a skill set that focuses on working across the conventional boundaries encountered in organisations, professions and sectors. Over the three days delegates will have the opportunity to develop the skills and competencies to more effectively forge relationships with colleagues from other sectors, addressing real problems with real partners and coming up with real solutions.


  • Examine the pressures and priorities of service delivery in relation to mental health inequalities, poverty and crime
  • Reflect how particular sector challenges equally affect other sectors and how joint solutions can be formed, identifying common ground
  • Explore and learn with other leaders the complex and wicked problems facing public services
  • Expand political skills to help build alliances to achieve cross sector objectives, rather than ones dominated by self-­‐interest
  • Develop enhanced networking skills in order to foster cross sector collaboration


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