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Connecting Leaders, Enabling System Transformation - Leadership Programmes Alumni Event - 15th March 2017

Connecting Leaders, Enabling System Transformation - Leadership Programmes Alumni Event  Alumni Event

Date: 15th March 2017

Venue: Hilton Stansted, Stansted Airport (STN), Round Coppice Rd, Stansted CM24 1SF

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Understanding System Transformation by Debbie Sorkin

Mary Seacole Programme Celebration Event - 4th October 2016

Mary Seacole Programme Celebration Event


Date: 4th October 2016

Venue: The Cambridge Belfry Hotel, Back Lane, Cambourne, CB23 6BW

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Download the participants' Leadership Interventions booklet 

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Workforce Partnership Leadership Learning Exchange - 29th July 2016

Workforce Partnership Leadership Learning Exchange - 29th July 2016


Date: 29 July 2016

Venue: Victoria House, Fulbourn

The aim of the day was to create an opportunity to showcase and share some of the outstanding leadership development being undertaken in the workforce partnerships across the east of England.  Over 45 guests, including Chief Executives, Directors of Human Resources, Leadership and OD Leads, Transformation Leads, Strategic and Transformation Partnership Leads, attended this event. 


Other Documents:

Improvement Leaders Collaboratives Next Steps Event - 15th June 2016
NHS Leadership Academy Roadshow - 14th June 2016

NHS Leadership Academy Roadshow

Date: 14th June 2016

Venue: Rowley Mile, Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire CB8 0TF

On the morning of 14th June we, together with the National Leadership Academy hosted a roadshow at the Newmarket Racecourse.

As well as learning more about local resources available, delegates also heard real examples from leaders at every level who are making a significant difference in health care as a result of their investment in leadership development. 

Tracey Lonetto Programme Lead – HLM, NHS Leadership Academy and Karen Bloomfield, Head of Leadership and Organisational Development in the East of England, Health Education England co-hosted the event.

Participants had the opportunity to visit a number of stands to explore and seek advice about the next step in individual and organisational leadership development as well as how local and national programmes and tools available can help to support this during world café sessions.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making the Roadshow a success, with special thanks to our Programme Ambassadors: Shevaun Mullender, Critical Care Matron, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, who spoke about her experiences on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme; Kit Connick, Interim Associate Director for Corporate Affairs, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, who spoke about the Nye Bevan Programme; Sandie Robinson, Associate Director of Redesign, NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, who shared her experience both on the Nye Bevan Programme and of winning the 2015 National Leadership Award for Collaborative Leadership.

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Participants said the best thing about their experience on the day was....

'Networking and hearing inspiring stories'

'The inspiration from leadership programme speakers'

'Hearing from the past participants of the Academy Programmes and the World Café sessions'

'The speakers were all very inspiring and informative'

'Hearing the experiences and learning undertaken by people who have been on Academy programmes'

'Talking to people who are passionate and enthusiastic, and care'

'Introduction to Leadership Academy and impact it can make at work'

    Mary Seacole Programme Celebration Event - 1st March 2016

    Mary Seacole Programme Celebration Event

    Date: 1st March 2016

    Venue: Huntingdon Marriott, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

    This event celebrated the achievements of the Autumn 2014 cohort of the Mary Seacole Programme. Graduates were presented with certificates by representatives from regional NHS organisations as well as the Leadership Academy and the Open University. 

    The day was also in celebration of the first cohort of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme, with two graduates sharing their successes and  challenges during the programme with the Mary Seacole Graduates.

    The event was hosted by Kate Atkin of Aspire2, a facilitator and author of publications such as The Confident Manager

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    Health Education East of England Leadership Summit - 17 November 2015

    Health Education East of England Leadership Summit

    Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015

    Venue: The Cambridge Belfry, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

    This was a high profile event for strategic system leaders who want and need to change the current service paradigm. 

    The event focused on Strategic system leadership and how we make a difference to the communities we serve and was aimed at anyone operating in a strategic leadership role and who is looking for inspiration to effect significant change in service provision and delivery.

    Professor Elizabeth Bradley, Professor of Public Health, Yale Global Health Initiative was our keynote speaker. Elizabeth is internationally renowned for her work in healthcare and her ability to motivate, inspire and challenge.

    With an exciting combination of outstanding speakers, workshops and master classes, this event offered the opportunity to meet with and learn from outstanding system leaders. Master classes were led by the Yale University faculty and workshops show-cased the work of our Yale Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Programme participants and alumni.

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    • Download the Leadership Summit booklet from the day, click below


    Video excerpts from the workshops will also be available shortly.

      Improvement Leaders Collaboratives Launch Event - 1 October 2015

      Improvement Leaders Collaboratives Launch Event

      Date: Thursday 1 October 2015

      Venue: The Cambridge Belfry, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

      The ILC programme is a high impact programme designed to develop the individual and system leadership capabilities of clinical leaders and managers
      from across all sectors involved in delivering services to communities to promote health and wellbeing. 

      This is a brand new programme and represents an exciting and innovative learning and development opportunity for the system, commissioned by Health Education East of England, and delivered in partnership by The King’s Fund and Hay Group. Each collaborative will be leading initiatives, interventions or programmes of work which support the delivery of high quality, effective, compassionate care.

      Improvement Leaders Collaboratives will equip people with essential improvement tools and methods as well as develop leadership capabilities personally and collectively. The goal is to enable improvement and innovation across the system through the collaborative, sharing a common purpose and
      vision of improving health and health outcomes for communities.

      Speakers who appeared at the event:

      Chris Ham took up his post as Chief Executive of The King’s Fund in April 2010. He was Professor of Health Policy and Management at the University of Birmingham between 1992 and 2014 and Director of the Health Services Management Centre at the university between 1993 and 2000. From 2000 to 2004 he was seconded to the Department of Health, where he was Director of the Strategy Unit, working with ministers on NHS reform.

      Alison Cameron is a graduate in Russian who ran medical, scientific and humanitarian projects in the area affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Her career was cut short when she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after her colleagues were killed in the course of her work. The consequences included homelessness, multiple admissions to hospital and identity loss. She resolved early on to put her experiences to good use and in the process started to reconnect with the assets that being a passive recipient of “care” had frozen.

      Stafford Scott is a community activist of long standing. He was a founding member of the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign and now leads the Tottenham Defence Campaign which was established after the riots in Tottenham in August 2011. Stafford worked as a community development officer for several decades before becoming a Race Equality advisor/campaigner/consultant in 2006.

      Jenny Hand is Chief Executive of LASS, an organisation that provides support, information, empowerment and advocacy to people affected by HIV/AIDS in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.
      LASS works with partners to promote positive sexual health and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. They provide free HIV community testing services with instant results and training on HIV.

      Immy Kaur is passionate about new models of organising, bringing diverse, passionate and talented people together, creating unlikely collaborations and local change based on global innovations, networks and knowledge.

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        Mary Seacole Programme Graduation Event - 23 September 2015

        Mary Seacole Programme Graduation Event

        Date: Wednesday 23 September 2015
        VenueThe Cambridge Belfry, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

        This graduation event was organised for the 2014 spring intake of the Mary Seacole Programme. The event was an exciting day of celebration as participants from the programme were set to receive their NHS Leadership Academy awards and handed Mary Seacole pin badges, and to applaud each other's successes in fully completing the programme.

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          Nursing and Midwifery Networking Event - 10 July 2015

          Nursing and Midwifery Networking Event

          Date: 10 July 2015
          Venue: Garden room, Red Lion Hotel, Whittlesford Bridge, Station Road East, Whittlesford

          Creating a community of leaders across the East of England that act as a shared resource for one another. 

          Building and creating great networking opportunities for Senior Operation and Frontline Leaders (cohorts 1 - 75). 

          Share learning and experience to support you to increase your individual and collective impact as a leadership community.

          Kate Atkin delivered two workshops:

          • Confidence Matters - This master class explores the factors that make somebody feel confident. It is founded on the premise that confidence isn’t about arrogance. You will be taught tips, tools and techniques that have been shown to be effective in helping people access confidence when you most need to. We will explore the, often unsuspected, links between our beliefs and behaviours and encourage you to achieve your goals by building the confidence to take the steps you really want. 
          • Image, Impact and Influence - This master class explores how important image really is and where it comes from, particularly focusing on non-verbal cues. Here you will discover the impact you are making and learn how to tweak your behaviour to ensure you make the impact you want to. You will be shown three key steps that will help you improve your influence.

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            East of England Nye Bevan Workshop - 28 April 2015

            East of England Nye Bevan Workshop

            Date: 28 April 2015
            Venue: Garden room, Red Lion Hotel, Whittlesford Bridge, Station Road East, Whittlesford

            The workshop was designed to find out about feedback so far and contribute to the Nye Bevan Leadership Programme impact review, help shape the future of the East of England Nye Bevan Alumni, and network with current and past participants.

            During the day we:

            • Discussed the findings from the review;
            • Heard from from Nick Carver, Chief Executive, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and Chair of East of England Leadership Group;
            • Heard from fellow participants about the impact the programme has had;
            • Networked with current and past participants to shape the future ‘alumni network’;
            • Participated in World Café Style Conversations - collaborated over common ‘wicked problems’.

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              Mary Seacole Programme Graduation Event - 25 March 2015

              Mary Seacole Programme Celebration Event

              Date: Wednesday 25 March 2015
              VenueCambridge Belfry, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

              This celebration event was organised for the 2013 intake of the Mary Seacole Programme. The event was an exciting day of celebration as participants from the programme were set to receive their NHS Leadership Academy awards and handed their Post-graduate Certificates in Healthcare Leadership, and to applaud each other's successes in fully completing the programme.

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                Inclusive Talent Management Communities of Practice Summit - 19 March 2015

                Inclusive Talent Management Communities of Practice Summit

                Date: Thursday 19 March 2015
                Venue: Tattersalls, 128 High Street, Newmarket, CB8 9AY

                This Summit was designed to celebrate the building of the CoP community, continue the principles of practice and to look ahead as to how we will continue this work in support of the leadership and talent challenges in the year ahead. In the past year we have encouraged and supported our HRDs and Heads of Development with some fresh thinking in our approach to talent management.

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                  Inclusive Talent Management Conference - 6 March 2015

                  Inclusive Talent Management Conference

                  Working in partnership the East Midlands Leadership Academy, Health Education West Midlands and Health Education East of England are delighted to announce our third annual inclusive Talent Management (iTM) conference.

                  Date: 6 March 2015
                  Venue: Holywell Park, Ashby Road, Loughborough, LE11 3AJ


                  1. Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England;
                  2. Janice Caplan, Talent expert and author.
                    Nursing and Midwifery Networking Event - 22 January 2015

                    Nursing and Midwifery Networking Event

                    Date: Thursday 22 January 2015
                    VenueHilton, London Stansted

                    On 22 January we held a nursing and midwifery networking event designed to reconnect participants from the NHS Frontline programme and Senior Operational Leaders programme. Pol Toner, Programme Director for Quality at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust opened the event with a welcome to all participants. Colleagues were then invited to attend a session on 'Maximising your Impact' with Amanda Wilsher Associates:

                    "We believe that everyone communicates brilliantly in some area of their life. However, in a work context as leaders - when we have to communicate often difficult messages to a diverse range of people - our natural skills can desert us and we may not look or sound as convincing as we would like to. This Personal Impact session will give you tried and trusted tools to develop and enhance your communication style and skills in any work scenario - practical tools on getting your voice heard and sounding authentic, embodying your status and matching your energy and gestures in order to look and feel congruent with your message."

                    The afternoon session on storytelling gave an opportunity to help colleagues develop the story of their leadership. Using techniques to help tell a story to a variety of different audiences and in different ways. We used the personal impact tools learnt in the morning to enhance delivery of leadership stories.

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