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November 2017
Audience Description Date Venue
HRDs/LD Leads/Equality and Diversity Leads/OD Practitioners
• East of England
accredited Coaches
Network of Mentors
• Staff interested to
develop mentoring skills
• HLM Feedback
• GMTS Programme and Placement Managers

Effective Mentoring: Bringing Your Wisdom
to Bear, Wisely

Mentoring schemes and practice are far older than coaching, and yet in recent times have been relatively neglected. On this one day workshop, we will take a specific look at the skills and practice of being an effective mentor.
• What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? (and does it matter?)
• How to set up an effective mentoring scheme
- Planning to succeed, what are our rules for winning?
- Mentoring networks and how to build them
• What are the rhythms of the mentoring conversation
- Contracting for giving advice
- Skills development and practice
• The role of supervision in mentoring

29 November 2017
Novotel, Stansted Airport

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January 2018
Audience Description Date Venue
East of England
accredited Coaches

Senior Leadership Team Coaching
Coaching a senior leadership team, indeed any team, can represent the next challenge in developing your skills as a coach for all occasions. This workshop will be of particular interest to those called upon to support teams that have lost their way, are seen as not performing in some way, or simply want to get better at what they do, together.
The day will build on some well loved models and assumptions about team development and then challenge them in some new and exciting ways. It will feature the acclaimed work of Prof Peter Hawkins, using his leadership team model. We will explore practical tools and approaches, including a TEAM360, developed specifically with Peter and Bath Consultants Group for the purpose of giving team insight into how it is perceived and the value it is actually adding.
• What are the challenges of being a leadership team?
- Consider assumptions about teams, and some
classic models of team development
• Challenge some of our pre-conceptions of teams and how they work
• Using Prof Peter Hawkins’ Leadership Team Model, develop a practical process and approach to your next leadership team intervention
- Creating a safe space - getting folk into the room in the first place - “Leave your guns at the door”-
ways of defusing and working with conflict 
Using 360 feedback - Role and use of psychometrics - Using scaling to develop a tool - Team exercises -
‘entertainment’ or useful?
• We will work with your specific and real team issues and design interventions

Tuesday 16 January 2018 Hallmark Hotel Cambridge

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February 2018

Further events to be confirmed

March 2018
Audience Description Date Venue
East of England
accredited Coaches

Exploring and Developing Solutions-focused Coaching Approach
Coaching using a Solution-Focused perspective offers a refreshing, if challenging, addition to your skills and approach as a coach.
This workshop will explore the following:

• An understanding and initial practice in coaching using a Solutions - Focused approach;
• The development of the “Solutions-Focused” approach to coaching;
•  The power of language and its application to finding solutions and progress;
•  “Scaling” - how the use of 0 to 10 can be made a powerful tool;
•  Finding exceptions - helping clients realise where they are already achieving success;
•  Small steps, and the “difference that makes the difference”.
Wednesday 21 March 2018 Stansted venue TBC

booking details tbc


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