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We have actively developed our coaching capacity and the coaching register over the last four years, with engagement with NHS coaches and Workforce Partnerships. Our coaching strategy and guiding principles are attached.   

We provide CPD and Support Days for NHS coaches on the east of England register. Please see below for more information on the upcoming sessions.

Date and venue  Workshops
Tuesday 26 September 
Red Lion, Whittlesford
Full day 09.30-16.00,
 AM 10.00-12.30
PM 13.30-16.00

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25 places
Coaching CPD Workshop
AM Workshop: Clean Language in Coaching
Most coaches learn that coaching is not so much about utilising techniques but about spending time with the coachee, listening attentively and encouraging them to think more deeply about the story they tell themselves of the issue at hand. When this story includes what the coachee ‘would like to have happen’ then that motivation helps to drive the process of developing fresh perspectives in the coachees mind.
This workshop will include some exercises so that delegates can experience clean language and will explore the benefits to coaching of including this approach within the coach/mentor’s ‘toolbox’.
PM Workshop: Motivational Coaching: An Added Dimension
Coaching by its very nature is motivational; the client has the sole attention of the coach who is focused on enabling them to excel. Why would that not be enough? Yet, we all know that change, and particularly behavioural change is much more difficult than we think. Although we may not like to acknowledge it, we often have much invested in our old ways of being and doing!
This workshop puts the motivational question clearly on the table. Participants will go away with insights about how to build their motivation capability, traps to avoid and tools to help their clients bring the best of themselves to all they do so that they excel … and enjoy the journey.
Tuesday 3 October
Red Lion, Whittlesford
25 places
Coaching Purpose and Direction: Are you on track?
This workshop will help you develop your coaching skills and approach in working with clients who are seeking a change in career or personal direction (indeed, this may even be you!).
What are the tools, techniques and approaches that as a coach you can use to support your client in finding their focus and next step. We will consider philosophies, methods and tools to develop this aspect of your coaching practice.
- Who are you? The Triangle of Tension, the Cone of Congruence and other tools to crystallize a sense of identity.
- What do you want? Discerning the future from considering the best of the past: tools to collect stories of your client ‘at their best’ and how to get more of that
- And why do you want it? Creating a sense of personal mission, and ways of living it
- Planning to achieve it: A model and practical tool set for creating more success in your client’s life.
We can promise you a thought provoking day!
Tuesday 16 January 2018
Hallmark Hotel, Cambridge
09:00- 16:30

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Senior Leadership Team Coaching 
Coaching a senior leadership team, indeed any team, can represent the next challenge in developing your skills as a coach for all occasions. This workshop will be of particular interest to those called upon to support teams that have lost their way, are seen as not performing in some way, or simply want to get better at what they do, together.
The day will build on some well loved models and assumptions about team development and then challenge them in some new and exciting ways. It will feature the acclaimed work of Prof Peter Hawkins, using his leadership team model. We will explore practical tools and approaches, including a TEAM360, developed specifically with Peter and Bath Consultants Group for the purpose of giving team insight into how it is perceived and the value it is actually adding.





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Coaching can assist an individual to achieve improved performance, productivity and delivery of objectives, but can also help at times of career transition and change. Research has shown that coaching can be of real benefit to individuals during their first 100 days in a new role.

Whilst coaching could be useful for everyone at different stages in their career, the overall coaching capacity has to be targeted most effectively. The coaches on the Health Education East of England register are initially targeted at participants and graduates of Health Education East of England programmes e.g. Change Leaders, Aspiring Senior Leaders Programme and NHS Leadership Academy programmes e.g. Mary Seacole programme, and members of the Leadership Alumni Network . If you currently work in the NHS in East of England, are working at Band 6 or above, are considering having coaching and wish to access an NHS East of England coach, you can do so via the link to the coaching register. Please discuss and agree this with your manager as part of your personal development plan, prior to seeking a coach.  

Access the Coaching Register

The NHS coaches on the register have completed an accredited coaching skills training programme. They undertake coaching as part of their role.  There is a profile for each coach, so that you can consider who you wish to contact. If you wish to apply for coaching, please register and if successful you will receive a password to log in within 1 to 2 days and you can view the full profiles of the coaches and apply for coaching directly to a registered coach. 

Access the Coaching Register

Once you have made contact with the coach, you can then have an initial conversation to discuss your position and reason for seeking coaching. If you then proceed to establish a coaching arrangement, you agree the time and venue for coaching sessions and contract with your coach. A coach can offer three to four coaching sessions, each usually lasting between one to two hours.  Coaching sessions should be approximately 4 to 7 weeks apart to allow the coachee to undertake agreed actions, but this will be determined on an individual basis.   At the 3rd coaching session, you can review progress with your coach and conclude the sessions or agree any further sessions, as appropriate. Each coach determines the number of people that they can offer coaching with at any one time, so there are times when a coach may have a waiting list.  Each coach has a maximum of 3 to 4 coachees at any one time. Each coach determines whether they are able to travel to meet with a coachee or whether they ask coachees to travel to their place of work.  

Feedback from Coachees

Read some of the feedback we received from coachees on the register.

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If you have any queries about coaching or wish to discuss finding a coach please contact Karen Bloomfield, Leadership and Organisational Development Manager at

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