Health Education England


Inclusive Talent Management

NHS staff are all talented and we value the diversity of skills, expertise and potential that all staff offer to deliver and improve patient care. We want staff to feel valued and recognised for their contributions, to be fulfilled in their work and to have the opportunity to build knowledge, expertise and leadership capabilities in order to develop their chosen career in the NHS. 

Why do Talent Management?

To help build organisational performance and agility:

>> Being successful in today’s complex, health and social care system means effectively identifying, developing and retaining our talented staff.

>> For services to thrive and continuously improve we need to develop a talent pipeline able to support new leadership, skill development and succession planning.

>> To be able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing needs of our patients and the services they use, we need the right people, processes, and technology.  This means access to a wide range of development provisions available to our entire workforce enabling identification of talent to support and meet the needs of future patients and service users.