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3 December 2018

Newmarket Racecourse




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28 February 2019
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So far this year, the following events have taken place:

'Why Factor' - 17 July 2018

The Why Factor - The Art of Brilliance

“The Why-Factor” goes back to basics, daring to ask a fundamental question… why do you do what you do? Doing it for the money is fine. That will get compliance. And if ‘fine’ is what you’re striving for this workshop is not for you. If you’re seeking ‘word class’, you need to tap into inspiration. In short, you need to find a better ‘why?’

The workshop combined with themes of positive psychology and strengths to create an immersive and motivational day. Some of the themes included;

  • Sinek’s golden circle
  • The role of the neo cortex and Limbic system in our decision making
  • Purpose & engagement
  • Positive psychology
  • Signature strengths
  • Impact & influence (the ripple effect)
  • Busyness & destination addiction
'Brilliant Teams' - 9 May 2018

Brilliant Teams - The Art of Brilliance

In today’s complex and interdependent world does anyone really work alone? For most of us, if we want to deliver results then other people are involved. And as we all know, working with others can be either a source of joy and results or misery and frustration. In fact, according to Brian Tracy, 85% of the joy we have in life comes from our interactions with other people – and, you guessed it, so do 85% of our difficulties.

This session provides the underpinning knowledge in order for relationships and teams to really connect and flourish. You will learn what makes people tick, how to connect with others, and how this understanding can help you develop a truly High Performance Team.

This workshop will make a massive difference to the way you deal with people and make sure that you know how to connect effortlessly with everyone. After attending you will:

  • Completely ‘get’ what’s different about people and why it matters
  • Understand common causes of destructive conflict and how to nip them in the bud
  • Get stellar results from staff, clients and personal relationships
'The Art of being Brilliant' - 13 March 2018

The Art of Being Brilliant - The Art of Brilliance

The Art of Being Brilliant’ provides an antidote to the crazy world that typifies modern Britain. This workshop uses cutting edge research to explore how you can be you, brilliantly. The aim is to share some of the ‘secrets’ of Positive Psychology, focusing on learning new habits of thinking and behaviour that will sustain personal ‘brilliance’. It is about the ‘whole you’ and, as such, is applicable in and out of work.

‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ is a big wake-up call. Life is a short and precious gift and you are in the perfect profession to make a difference at work and home. If you decide to go for it, your positivity ripples out into the community. The aim therefore is to challenge current habits and ways of thinking, to re-energise and enthuse staff for the challenges that lie ahead.

Building Leadership for inclusion - 20 September 2017

Building Leadership for inclusion 

The aims for this event were:

  • To engage in discussion and update on current context and work to build  Leadership for inclusion
  • Consider organisational approaches and progress being made
  • Share your experiences and learning with peers

Our strategic objectives for Leadership for Inclusion are to:

  • Raise the level of aspiration on inclusion
  • Quicken the pace of change towards inclusion
  • Ensure that leadership is equipped to achieve and leave an ever increasing and sustainable legacy of inclusion

This event had a focus on the key workstream; Building Leadership for inclusion and the day included;

  • Catherine Loftus, Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy and Stuart Moore, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Health Education England – Setting the context for Building Leadership For Inclusion
  • Harjit Bansal, Equality and Diversity Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust - shared Inclusive Leadership approaches in action
Download Setting the Context presentation
Download Inclusive Leadership approaches in Action presentation
Systems Leadership Laboratory - 31 March 2017 /29 September 2017

This Learning Laboratory is based on the Barry Oshry’s work on system awareness enables you to really explore how productive partnership and systems working can be developed and sustained within your own context. It is a dynamic, high impact, experiential learning event, in which we create a real organisational system in the room.

During the first part of the morning, participants experienced typical power dynamics and uncovered why systems leadership is often really tricky. So much seems to get in the way – not least hierarchies, differing agendas, organisational identities and disempowering cultures.

The participants then worked together to build a shared understanding of leading across systems and for the rest of the day, focused on translating this into practice in your own contexts. The session was facilitated by Impact4

The Systems Leadership Lab equips you to:

- enhance your personal leadership effectiveness beyond within and across organisations

- relate to colleagues, partner agencies, service users and other leaders more effectively

- influence approaches to systems leadership in your stakeholder organisations

- build a shared understanding across your network of systems leadership approaches

- extend your repertoire of systems leadership skills and understanding



Organisational Development Network - 6 October 2016

Being great OD practitioners - motivation and resilience in these changing times

This event took place on 6 October 2016, which included the following;

- Building the network relationships and strengthen connections as OD practitioners   

- Provide an opportunity to find out more about and discuss the newly launched  Create a culture and leadership programme with Kiran Chauhan, Senior Development Advisor, NHS Improvement and Lola Makinde, Senior HR Advisor, East London NHS Foundation Trust   

- A Facilitated session from Kate Atkin on Being great OD practitioners - motivation and resilience in these changing times

View event programme here

Download Kiran and Lola's presentation here

Download Kate Atkin's presentation here

Conversations, Sharing Experience and Actions - 14 June 2016

OD Networking event: Conversations, Sharing Experience and Actions

This event took place on 14 June 2016, which updated participants on DoOD and National context from Paul Taylor, Assistant Director (Organisational Development) – NHS Employers. Followed by a workshop on the latest thinking, resources and development for the Healthcare Leadership Model delivered by Tracy Lonetto, Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy and Peter Clarke, Senior Consultant, JCA Global.

View event programme here.

Download slide deck here.

Presenting Change Confidently - 21 April 2016

Presenting Change Confidently

This event took place on 21 April 2016, which helped participants to get their change message across effectively and to follow it through to the implementation phase.  This interactive session introduced participants to the key steps to bring about effective change in the workplace and elements of language to enable them to get their message across.

The event was centred around a workshop on Presenting Change Confidently delivered by Kate Atkin of Aspire 2.

View event programme here.

Download slide deck here.

See Presenting Change Confidently handout from workshop here.

Developing Resilience in Challenging times - 16 February 2016

Developing resilience in challenging times

This event took place on 16th February 2016, addressing the theme of leading yourself through challenging times and building up resilience. 

The event was centred around a workshop on resilience and recovery by Alec Grimsley of Optimus OD, joined by Tony Derbyshire, Performance Coach for Bournemouth FC.

View event programme here.

Download slide deck here.

More information about the workshop here.