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Video: Coaching for Health, Health Coaching trainers Dr Kim Morsley and Sue Phelan

- Publication: Researchers Affirm Long-term Value of Health Coaching 

- Publication: Health Coaching: Teaching Patients to Fish

- Article: Health changing conversations: clinicians’ experience of health coaching in the East of England written by Dr Penny Newman and Dr Andrew McDowell

- Article: Health coaching in the east of England: promoting patient centred care and behaviour change for people with long-term conditions written by Dr Penny Newman, Clinical Lead, Health Coaching and submitted by Andrew MacPherson, Managing Director - The Strategic Projects Team 

- Blog: Kallur Suresh, consultant psychiatrist for older people and West Area Medical Director, North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust: Prevention and self-management—two pillars for a paradigm shift in thinking about our health

Health Coaching Pictures by Graham Ogilvie Design 

Video: Health Coaching in the UK, Dr Penny Newman
Video: Health Coaching in the US, Margaret Moore
Video: From God to Guide, Professor Bas Bloem
Video: Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient CareThe Cleveland Clinic
Video: It's Not About the Nail, thanks to Dr Sabeena Foster
Webinar: Empowering patients through conversation Dr Penny Newman and Dr Andrew McDowell

​Health Coaching for Behaviour Change Brochure

Feedback and comments from participants in the training

An account of the national summit on Health Coaching at Westminster Central Hall in February 2013

An evaluation report of The Primary Care Health Coaching Project which investigates the health benefits of employing health coaching techniques

A document setting out the new Delivery System for Long Term Conditions based on 'Year of Care'

A report from the Kings Fund on Long Term Conditions

An article on Health Coaching by academics and medical professionals 

An article by the Health Foundation on changing relationships of healthcare service users and providers

Does health coaching work - an empirical review of the evidence

​- Kings Fund publication introducing Patient Activation

Health coaching skills for clinicians to support self-care and behaviour change

- Self Care Forum