Day 2 - Leadership for the Future with Helen Bevan

Day 2 - Leadership for the Future with Helen Bevan

21st March 2019

This was the second workshop with Helen Bevan Chief Transformation Officer at Horizons, for transformation and change leaders from STPs and ICSs in the East of England and their invited guests. We had the pleasure of also hearing from Dr Diane Ketley and NHS Horizons International fellow Jodeme Goldhar. The second day focused on practical application and implementation. New change thinking was applied to an improvement topic or area of local priority.


Topics of the day

- A mindset for large scale change to apply to your priority area

- Building an authentic shared purpose with the people who are part of your improvement effort

- Creating a theory of change for your improvement efforts

- "Scaling down" and "scaling up": applying methods for working at the smallest scale (improvements for individual citizens/service users/patients) and the largest scale (a whole population) at the same time

- Building energy for change for the long haul for your project



To view the slides from the day please click here

To view the nhs Horizon blog post please click here

Photos from the Day

To view photos from the day please click here

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