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Health coaching has been a key initiative in East of England since 2010. Work on health coaching has included;


- a pilot in primary care in NHS Suffolk funded by the Regional Innovation Fund, click here for further details
- roll out to nearly 800 clinicians by Health Education England
- three evaluations found here
- a Health Education England commissioned Rapid Review of Evidence 
- selection onto the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme for national roll out, click here for further details 
- selected by NHS England as one of five priorities to deliver Chapter 2 of the Five year forward View, click here for further details
- over 3,000 clinicians trained and 60 trainers especially in 5 regions using this approach 
Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs) require the health and care system to support people to be more active 
in managing their own health, wellbeing and care and to make better informed choices.
Two events were held on 19 and 26 September to:
- create a culture in which clinicians and others can better support people to self-manage and change behaviour.
- introduce delegates to a wide range of mechanisms to support self-management at an individual and community
level, principally health coaching.
- provide access to expert opinion, networks and resources to enable local organisations meet requirements
in their STPs.


Health coaching: empowering patients through conversation

Dr Penny Newman , Clinical Lead for Health Coaching was selected as a NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme Fellow for Health Coaching in July 2015. For more information click here

For the latest update on progressing and developing our social movement please see below:



Over the last 4 years, Health Education East of England have run Health Coaching Skills Training Programmes for 775 clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) in acute trusts, primary care, community service providers and CCGs in the east of England. We have utilised a train the trainer approach and from April 2015 our 20 NHS trainers are delivering Health Coaching workshops within their Organisations to expand and sustain this initiative. This initiative built on and was developed from the work that Dr Penny Newman, had undertaken with Practice Nurses and GPs in  Suffolk.     

For an overview of this development please see Synopsis of our Health Coaching approach below:

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The aims of the programme

 To enable clinicians to have conversations with their patients that are empowering and shared;

  • Motivate patients to self-manage
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction
  • Support organisations to deliver effective long term conditions strategies
  • Create clinical champions for shared decision making.

Who is the programme for?

The training is bespoke for organisations looking to train individuals and teams and is available at a number of locations throughout the east of England until March 2015. This training seeks to meet the objectives of all Domains in the Outcomes Framework through encouraging patient-centred care, but in particular Domain 2 which has the primary goal of ensuring person-centred, co-ordinated care for people with long-term conditions, along with parity of esteem for mental health.